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Product / Services:
Well testing, Underwater cables laying, Umbilical protections, Technical documents expertise, SURF, Subsea control systems, Start up assistance, Spacers, Shore base support facilities, Rollers (for stingers), Project management, Project development
BARDOT GROUP produces high efficiency ancillaries, made from polymer and composite materials, qualified for permanent subsea use, such as bending restrictors and stiffeners, insulation covers, buoyancies, VIV suppression strakes, pipe protection systems, clamps, crossing, shrouds etc., intended to:

• Ensure the functional integrity o SURF equipments,
• Enhance the hydrocarbons recovery during the whole production-time of reservoirs.

BARDOT GROUP delivers also their associated innovative installation aids.
For 2013, BARDOT GROUP is proposing a new but field proven concept for passive and active sleepers, made of PE tubes, and also a new field proven type of cash protectors.
Moreover the new department DTS Package is proposing to E&P companies and EPCI some engineering procurement and construction packages, and in particular all pre-commissioning services.

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