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Product / Services:
Design, construction clean-up vessels
Since  2003, ECOCEANE has invested in research and development to develop three lines of ships to collect floating waste both solid and liquid (macro waste and hydrocarbons)

• Cataglop: Coastline and harbours

We have developed a range of vessels based on our patented principle dedicated to clean-up operations within the harbor areas and along shore line.
In harbours floating waste either solid or liquid collects in confined spaces.
Our vessels act as “vaccum cleaners of the sea”. Fitted with rollers they can manoeuvre easily between boats and along floating pontoons and quayside.

• Workglop: Oil rigs services and cleanup

Specially designed for the need of oil rigs, these vessels, entirely built out of aluminium, combine all the traditional workboat qualities and those of the Cataglop range, for collecting floating waste, solid or liquid.

• Spillglop: Offshore

Offshore oil spill recovery vessels for use wth major oil slicks and discharges. These boats can work efficiently, up to force 6 and with a clean up rate of 100 m3/h continuously.

Company Offices Worldwide:  Ecoceane