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Product / Services:
Training (services), Technical assistance, QHSE, Project management, Insurance for expatriate, Expatriate mobility service, Consultancy services, Commissioning services, Assessment of personnel
For the past 30 years, IOTA has been a major player in the field of human resources solutions for the oil and gas sector.

Our activity is to identify and provide clients with experts having all the required experience and skills for the complete project life cycle including geosciences, exploration, drilling, engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning, operations, and maintenance.

Our network of subsidiaries located in Africa, Middle East, Europe and Asia allow us to be legally and fiscally compliance as well as being able to identify local talents. It also enables us to support our client locally and to respond to their needs the best way.

IOTA offers the following services:
• Identification of both local and expatriate experts,
• Services to establish working permit, immigration process, working contract ,
• Fiscal services for our personnel, social package
• Logistic support.

Key advantages of working in IOTA:
• Presence in the oil producing countries over 30 years,
• Compliance to legal, fiscal requirements for our clients
• Quality of the social package for our personnel

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