Energy Market Authority (EMA)

The Energy Market Authority (EMV) enhances and monitors the activities of the electricity and natural gas market and enhances the realisation of climate goals.

Operations are divided into five units. Market Supervision takes care of matters pertaining to the distribution and retail of electricity and natural gas as well as their production and wholesale market. Renewable Energy designs, implements and administrates the production subsidy systems for electricity.

Network Regulation is responsible for the financial, technical and system responsibility monitoring of electricity and natural gas grid operations. Emissions Trade processes and supervises emissions licences and manages the emissions trading register. Administrative Services takes care of fiscal, personnel and data administration plus other services supporting the functioning of the other units

The Energy Market Authority, subordinate to the Ministry of Employment and the Economy, fulfils its supervision task in co-operation with the ministry, the Finnish Competition Authority and various other authorities. Operations are financed mostly through licence and permit fees collected from electricity and natural gas grid holders. Emissions trading operations are funded mostly by the national budget.

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014